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We here at PoppySeed Dreams are very excited to present you with a rare collection of the world's most extraordinary, exotic and precious Poppy flower seeds, plants & pods. We provide you with the world's greatest Poppy flower seeds & plants at the best prices with the highest level of quality customer care.  PoppySeed Dreams is the world's most trusted store for seasoned Poppy flower connoisseurs as well as individuals who would like to add a little color and excitement to their outdoor and indoor gardens.  We are proud to say that we employ every necessary measure to ensure that each of our Poppy flower cultivars remain "pure" and free from cross-pollination.  PoppySeed Dreams offers you 100% organic, homegrown and freshly harvested single, semi-double, double, annual and perennial Poppy flower seeds.


For sale, we offer hard to find high quality seeds of Oriental Poppies, California poppies, Papaver somniferum 'opium poppy', Papaver laciniatum 'feathery poppy', Papaver paeoniflorum 'paeony', Papaver rhoeas & Meconopsis betonicifolia.  In addition, our 100% Organically-grown dried poppy pods & our stunning collection of Breadseed & Oriental poppy plants are now available for sale.  Poppy flower seeds and plants may be planted outdoors in the spring or fall and are very easy to grow.  However, poppies may be successfully grown indoors as well.


Indoors, allow the poppies to vegetate for a good month.  Once the poppies have spent 4-6 weeks in the 'lettuce' stage and have established a healthy root system, the poppy plants can then be introduced to the flowering stage.  Indoors, the flowering period finishes between 7 and 9 weeks.  Outdoors, the majority of poppies will finish the flowering stage at around 60 days, blooming from the month of March all the way through to the end of July.  A single poppy plant is easily capable of yielding over thirty flowering pods.  


Papaver somniferum poppies are becoming more and more popular everyday with garden enthusiasts around the world.  Not surprisingly, for Papaver somniferum flowers appear in an assortment of elegant and charming colors which are commonly used in floral arrangements.  They are widely grown for ornamental & decorative purposes throughout Europe, Canada, North America and South America.  Truly, a centerpiece & splendid attraction in any garden.


Poppies will flourish in flower beds, meadow plantings, containers, hydroponic & aeroponic systems, soiless mixtures and rock gardens.  Detailed 'indoor & outdoor' growing instructions as well as a surprise gift pack of seeds are included with each 'Seed' order. Please check with your local laws before planting.

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