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Annual - Hungarian Blue is certainly one of the most loveliest Breadseed poppy flowers. Breadseed poppies a.k.a. Papaver somniferum & Florist poppies are extremely flamboyant. The Hungarian Blue presents you with a charming and mystical blend of blue, lavender, and deep purple colored blooms, succeeded by highly ornamental seed pods. May be planted in the spring or fall. 2,500 seeds

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Hungarian Blue, Papaver somniferum seeds

'Out of Stock'

A World-Class Papaver somniferum & a Rare Heirloom Cultivar

The Hungarian Blue, Papaver somniferum is a stabilized Papaver somniferum hybrid created from the Persian Blue & Turkish, Papaver somniferum.  This rare heirloom variety was for many years the 'Backbone' & Primary Resource for the Food Grade Market.  In addition, the 'Hungarian Blue' has been documentated to produce 20% more seed per pods than many other cultivars of Papaver somniferum

Breadseed Poppies put on a spectacular show, appearing in an expansive range of colors and styles. 

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Close to 100% seed viability.

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