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Our 100% Genuine 'Spanish Euro' poppy seed is a must try.  We import our 'Spanish Blue' poppy seed 'direct' from farmers & growers throughout Spain. Rest assured, you're not only purchasing 'true blue' "Spanish Blue" poppy seed but you will also be receiving it at a great rate.  Please visit our 'PoppySeed Harvest' link which discusses the nutritional values of poppy seeds.

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"100% Organic & Unprocessed"

"Spanish Euro Poppy" '10LB'

Bulk Papaver somniferum seeds

"Unsurpassed Quality"

100% Organic, unprocessed & untreated Papaver somniferum seeds

 Whether you're planning to cook up those special holiday treats or 'poppy-ulate' your home-garden

 You can be certain that you are indeed working with the absolute best, freshly harvested Papaver somniferum seeds.

 Please visit our 'Grow & Harvest and PoppySeed Harvest' Link which discusses the nutritional values & other traditional uses of poppy seeds.

100% seed viability

 This item will ship 'Free' via Fed Ex Priority Mail with Tracking '2-3 days'

 Rest assured, purchasing 'Direct' from Professional Poppy flower growers 'Guarantees' You'll receive a World-Class, Organic product which is unwashed & untreated

"We've Got the Seed You Need"

 We recommend that you store your poppy seeds inside of a water & light proof container within a cool, dark & dry location.  For long-term storage (3-12 months) we recommend that you keep them in a refrigerated environment.(Approx 45 Degrees F)

 We choose to preserve our seeds within a controlled 'refrigerated' room which allow us to maintain a constant temperature of 45 Degrees F.  This uninterrupted & stable 'chilled' climate guarantees maximum freshness

 Buy With Confidence

Please don't be mislead by individuals or companies who 'claim to own farms & buy direct' who then offer you retail prices.

We do in fact work 'Directly' with 'International' Organic Growers as well as produce many of our own poppy flower seeds.  And our wholesale prices do reflect that fact.

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